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Dar-us-Salaam’s proposed new home is a 66 acre, former catholic school campus in Cooksville in Howard County, Maryland (14196 Frederick Road, Cooksville, MD 21723).

The campus was Howard County approved to be used as a future full pre-K through university level education campus for up to 1,700 students and staff, complete with a daycare, elementary, middle, and high school buildings, administrative buildings, two gymnasiums, an auditorium, athletic fields, swimming pool, and other facilities.

All of the infrastructure needed to build the campus has already been set underground including septic, water, storm water management, and electric systems. Also, turning lanes into and out of the campus are already in place. All of this infrastructure is valued at several million dollars.

Currently, the campus includes a 25,000 square foot, single story building with 8 classrooms, several offices and conference rooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria, and commercial kitchen. Five fully finished modular buildings adds over 36,000 square feet of classroom, office, and worship space. All of these buildings were constructed in 2005, are in excellent condition, and can accommodate Al-Huda School as well as Dar-us-Salaam’s other institutions and projects until a full campus is built, In shaa Allah.

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Dar-us-Salaam’s new home is in northern Howard County (14196 Frederick Road, Cooksville, MD 21723), far enough from the congestion of Washington DC and Baltimore city to maintain a safe, peaceful rural character, yet close enough to be able to reach major cities like Columbia in about 20 minutes.

The small town where the Dar-us-Salaam campus is located – Cooksville – is just off I-70, about 15 minutes from Ellicott City, Maryland. In 2010, CNN ranked Ellicott City as the #2 best place to live in the nation [1].

Howard County is regarded as one of the best places to raise a family in the United States, ranked #17 in the nation by Forbes magazine in 2008[2]. Howard County is also ranked high in the following areas:

  • 3rd highest median household income level ($101,672) [3]
  • 8th and 9th most educated population in the nation based on the percentage of residents who hold bachelors and advanced degrees, respectively [4]
  • 2nd most technologically advanced county in the United States [5]
  • 3rd most digital county government [6]
  • Best public library system in the nation [7]

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Phase 1 – August 2012 – April 2013 (estimated)

  • Fundraising campaign to raise the $10 million needed to purchase the property.
  • Develop concept plan for new Dar-us-Salaam education and community campus.
  • Apply for changes to the approved Master Plan to accommodate school and masjid needs.

Phase 2 – May 2013

  • Move all Dar-us-Salaam religious and social functions to the new property.
  • Relocate current  administrative and project offices to the new campus.
  • Add two additional modular buildings to accommodate expected growth over next 5 years.

Phase 3 – June 2013 – July 2013

  • Move all Al-Huda School operations to the new campus.

Future Phases: Next 10-15 years

  • Full masjid and campus build-out.

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