Septic System Capacity Being Examined

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A meeting was held today at the Woodmont property to visually inspect the septic fields in preparation for a complete survey of the septic system.

A soil scientist from Earthdata corporation — the firm which designed Woodmont’s septic system — and an official from Howard County’s Health Department met with Home of the Heart project engineer Amir Ahmad and also a representative from the Shura.

As part of the $15 million Woodmont Academy invested in the property in preparation for a full campus build out, a large capacity septic system was built underground in the hills running adjacent to I-70. Dar-us-Salaam has contracted Earthdata to determine if the septic system capacity can be increased to accommodate for future growth.

Because the rural western portion of Howard County where the new property is located has no connection to public water and public sewage lines, all waste water generated by school activities, bathroom use, cooking, cleaning, etc on the property must be pre-treated on site and then drained underground where layers of soil and rock purify the waste water as it travels back to the underlying water layer. The septic system includes pre-treatment facilities, pumps, water testing and monitoring systems, and drain fields.