Second Town Hall & Tour Held

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Today around 300 Al-Huda parents and community members came to Dar-us-Salaam for a town hall meeting with Imam Safi Khan and the shura regarding the Cooksville property. After Imam Safi reminded those gathered about the importance of doing everything ¬†for the sake of Allah, and the huge blessing and reward Allah gives to those who “move from one place to another solely for the sake of Allah” , he addressed some common concerns expressed to the shura over the last several days. Most of the comments and questions related to the 33 miles between College Park and the new property . Imam Safi said the shura understands the distance is a challenge for everyone, but that the sacrifice needs to be made to build something for the future generations. Some people became emotional, and it was clear the community cared a lot for Al-Huda School and Dar-us-Salaam ma shaa Allah. Afterwards about 100 community members drove to the property for a tour and more questions and answers. Alhumdulillah, before departing, this group prayed the asr prayer in the gymnasium, the first salah to ever be performed on the new campus. Allahu Akbar !