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Meeting with EarthData at Woodmont

Septic System Capacity Being Examined

A meeting was held today at the Woodmont property to visually inspect the septic fields in preparation for a complete survey of the septic system. A soil scientist from Earthdata corporation — the firm which designed Woodmont’s septic system — and an official from Howard County’s Health Department met with Home of the Heart project…

Meeting to Start Site Development Plan (SDP)

Members of the shura along with project engineer Amir Ahmad met in Germantown, Maryland with engineers from VIKA corporation. The firm was chosen to develop the site plan for Dar-us-Salaam’s future campus because one of VIKA’s engineers worked extensively on the Woodmont site development plan and consequently is very familiar with the Cooksville property. The…

Dispelling Rumors About Contamination

At yesterday’s town hall meeting, the shura dispelled rumors that the ground water and soil at the new campus is toxic or contaminated. Woodmont Academy conducted extensive water table and soil studies and the Howard County government approved the property to be used for children. During their early study of documents related to the property…


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