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Al-Huda School

  • Established august 1995
  • Operating for 17 years
  • 540+ students in KG through 12th (11-12)
  • Accredited by The Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools in Nov’06 and High School was accredited May 1st, 2011
  • 3 full-time administrators (a principal and 2 vice principals), over 55 teachers and staff
  • Opened 9th grade in Fall’07, 10th grade in Fall’08, 11th grade in Fall’09, 12th Fall’10
  • Number of 12th grade graduates: 14 in 2011 and 15 in 2010
  • Follow enhanced Maryland State Curriculum
  • School wide events: Quran Competition, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Sports Day, Field Day, Islamic Fair, Arabic Day
  • Graduates accepted at : American University, Coppin State University, Drexel, George Mason, George Washington, Howard, Loyola, Penn State, NYU, Trinity College, Towson, Tulane, UMBC, UMCP, University of Virginia (97% accepted into the College of their choice)
  • Over $250 thousand in Scholarships awarded to 2012 HS graduating class
  • Receive Title II grant money for Professional Dev. Training; teachers working towards certification
  • High School AP Courses : Calculus, US Government & Politics, Biology, English (most graduates scored 3 and above)

Al-Huda School, PA

  • Established September 2009
  • First branch of Al-Huda School opened up in Harrisburg, PA in Sept, 2009 with 37 students enrolled in Pre-K to 1st grade
  • In 2nd school year (2010-2011) enrollment increased to 77 in Prek to 3rd grade.
  • In 3rd year (2012-2013) enrollment reached 85 in Prek through 4th grade.
  • Standardized testing through the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA)

Al-Huda Preschool

  • Established August 1998
  • State licensed and operating for 11 years
  • Most Administrative,Teaching, and Supervisory staff are experienced and certified.
  • 85 students in Toddler through Pre-K 2 classes (ages 18 months to 5 years)
  • Director plus 14 staff members
  • Emphasis on manners and socialization.
  • Art and science activities to stimulate imagination and creative expression.

Hifzh School

  • Established August 2002
  • 33 students, 2 boys & 1 girls section
  • 47 graduates (33 boys and 14 girls as of August 2012) or about 4-5 graduates per year.
  • Most graduates take 2 years to finish

Qur’an Institute

  • Established 2000
  • 170+ students per quarter
  • Ages 2.5 to adult brothers and sisters
  • 4 branches across Maryland and Virginia

Zakah Foundation

  • Established 2000
  • Collects and distributes zakat ul fitr and zakat ul mal
  • Have assisted over 800 cases since Aug 2000
  • We have also distributed zakat ul fitr to hundreds of families
  • Financial aid distributed to families in DMV area is over $60,000 – $100,000 each year.

The Muslim Link

  • Only media outlet dedicated to the Muslim community in the greater Baltimore and Washington DC metro area
  • Established in November 1998 as a project of Al-Huda School upper grade girls
  • Inherited by various management teams. Current team managing since Feb 2002
  • Winner of awards for reporting on Immigration, International affairs from New America Media in 2008, 2009 + 4 awards in 2010
  • Approx 6,000 copies distributed every other Friday to all major area masajid, over 50 area groceries and restaurants (or 144k per year)
  • Online version updated weekly:
  • Facebook page updated throughout the week
  • Weekly eNews email goes out to over 2,000 local area Muslims letting them know about news and local events

Aqabah Karate

  • Established 1999
  • 110+ students from ages 6 to adult plus 30 students in the summer camp
  • 10 students promoted  to black belt rank in Tang So Do.
  • “Aqabah” comes from a word in Surah Al-Balad where Allah likens doing good deeds to breaking through the difficult and steep pass. The Aqabah logo features a mountain symbolizing this steep path.
  • Renovated room suited for Martial Arts training in Fall ’08 and outfitted with training equipment
  • 8 different classes currently offered: separate boys and girls classes for ages (5-7), (8-12)  and adult men’s and women’s classes