First Hijrah Community Extends Hand, Heart to Dar-us-Salaam Campaign for New Campus

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Over the last decade, College Park, Maryland”s Dar-us-Salaam & Al-Huda School community has developed deep ties with Washington DC”s First Hijrah Islamic Center.

Many Al-Huda School families are from the First Hijrah community, and some of the pillars of First Hijrah”s Qur”anic Education program memorized the Qur”an at Dar-us-Salaam”s full-time hifz school.

For these two communities, helping each other seems to

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be a rule not broken by distance.

As Dar-us-Salaam intensifies its fundraising effort in a bid to move to Howard County, MD — almost an hour away from Washington DC — to establish a new education and community campus, the Sister”s Committee of First Hijrah is helping pave the road to a new future.

On March 17, 2013, the Sister”s online bingo Committee is holding an “Road to Jannah”, an event to raise funds for the new Dar-us-Salaam campus campaign called “Home of the Heart”.

“It”s not the distance that we are concerned about, the cause is what we are supporting. We want to see a school that will facilitate Islamic education for future generations of Muslim children and that is why we are organizing the event. It also gives individuals the opportunity to establish sadaqah jariyah for the hereafter,” explained one of the organizers, Sister Zenith Mohammed.

“We want to build a community of support behind this noble cause to

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help make it a reality. As a result, we hope that people not only come to donate, but that they become active community members and advocates [for the Home of the Heart Campaign],” she added.

To learn more about First Hijrah Foundation, visit To learn more about Dar-us-Salaam”s campaign for a new campus, visit