Environmental Engineering Study Begins

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Wells at Woodmont property[Pictured:

part of the schematic drawing of the well system at Dar-us-Salaam’s future campus In Shaa Allah]

Alhumdulillah, today Dar-us-Salaam contracted Specialized Engineering out of Hanover, Maryland to lead the environmental study (“Environmental Site Assessment”) of the Woodmont property. Although the property was thoroughly investigated for environmental hazards and toxins in 2002 by then owner Howard County and in 2005 by current owner Woodmont Academy and deemed safe to use for residential and school purposes, out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with due diligence, Dar-us-Salaam is conducting its own two-phase environmental study.

The two previous studies were conducted by two different environmental engineering firms; no toxins or hazards were found in the soil or water.

Regarding rumors of chemical hazards from Fort Detrick contaminating Woodmont’s underground water sources, the environmental engineer from Specialized Engineering dismissed the possibility immediately, saying it was physically impossible for such a thing to occur based upon these facts:

1) the long distance between the army base in Frederick and Woodmont. Environmental investigations in the immediate vicinity of Fort Detrick over the last several years have not revealed any unsafe levels of toxic chemicals in the soil or water. The Woodmont property is over 25 miles from Fort Detrick, so the possibility of any contamination is non-existent.

2) the underground water tables in Frederick are at a much lower elevation than the water tables in Cooksville. Since underground water flows from high elevations to low elevations, the possibility of water from Frederick mixing with water from Cooksville is non-existent.

3) the presence of the Patapsco and Patuxent rivers between Frederick and Howard County prevents any underground water from Frederick from crossing into the Cooksville area, since underground water follows the path of the rivers (into the Chesapeake Bay) once it hits a river.

Due to the insistence of Dar-us-Salaam, the environmental engineering firm will nonetheless address issues of contamination from surrounding areas in its investigation and report.

Woodmont academy is currently served by two wells of about 300 feet and 200 feet in depth. Pulled from large underground streams in the rock bed, the water is purified by micro-organisms in the Earth and further purified at the surface by the installed well system.